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moonlightheaven [userpic]

Semi-Friends Only

June 8th, 2020 (08:10 pm)

Comment to be added.

Personal entires are private.
Icons, some fangirling, etc. are public.

This is mainly a community/graphics/online friends journal except for a few random entries, however, so you're not missing much. If you want my personal journal, just ask. (I probably won't give it to you unless we know each other in real life, but no harm in asking; you might get lucky. ;])

Other journals of mine:

Writing: pop_punk_baby
Photography: amaranthinex3.tumblr.com

moonlightheaven [userpic]

(no subject)

August 15th, 2011 (07:24 pm)

I'm looking for any angsty unrequited love fics where Harry is the one in love. I've read a bunch where Draco is the one whose in love and Harry doesn't return the feelings, but now I'm in the mood for the opposite. I'd prefer the type of fic where they're having sex but it only means something more to Harry, but I'm fine with faraway pining too. No happy endings or noncon/dubcon please. Thanks!

moonlightheaven [userpic]

I feel like all I ever use my lj for anymore is concert recaps

July 26th, 2010 (02:38 pm)


Seriously though, LA was really good but I wasn't blown away like I thought I would be. But then San Diego happened and it's like, now I know I am stanning the right person. I had so much fun, Kris has AMAZING stage presence and audience interaction. It was quirky and fun and he sounded so good. The slow songs were beautiful and heartwrenching, and I had so much fun during the more upbeat songs. I feel like the setlist and mixture of songs really helped make it a good show.

Okay, so recap! I brought my friend, who I will call K because if rl life people every discover this journal/my fandom life, I will never live it down lol. Anyway, I am proud to call K my accidental Kris convert \o/ lol. So what happened was that I accidentally left a stack of cds at her house one day, including my Kris one, and then two weeks later when we hung out again she gave me all my cds back and somehow became this huge Kris fan who knew the words to all his songs. And then she practically begged me to take her to my Kris show.

So that's how we ended up in San Diego for the concert. We got in line around 8 and we were the second group of people in line. And you could hear the music on the outside and you could see through the window or look at this tiny screen that showed Kris, so I pretty much got to listen to both shows. I also met spangel_kat and her friend, who were super nice and awesome! We tooks pics and talked a little. They finally let us in around 9:15 I think, and we ran to the bar and ended up sitting on the side facing the stage. First we listened to the opening band the Grass Heat, and they were pretty good, but probably not really my type of music to be honest. However at one point I heard Torres say "Mike Snow" I THINK (My friend was talking to me during their set because I guess she doesn't really care about them) and then I got super confused because there is a band called Miike Snow that I LOVE. But then they proceeded to play a song I have never heard before so yeah, I have no idea what that was about. Maybe he had a crew guy named Mike Snow? idk idk maybe I'm just deaf.

So between their set and Kris's I noticed that Katy was talking to the people at the table behind me. And it took me FOREVER to figure out if it was her because her back was to me and she had wavy hair and I thought that Katy had straight hair...? But it sounded like her. She finally turned around though so I saw that it was actually her. She was talking to that table for like 2 hours lol. I know she was there for the beginning of Kris's set but I don't know how long she stayed there because I was paying attention to Kris.

OKAY SO ANYWAY, Kris came out and everyone applauded/cheered and I knew this was going to be good because at my LA show, like only one person cheered and everyone else gave polite applause haha. I won't go through every song because I'm sure you all know how amazing they are lol but here are some highlights:

-WAOMF was awesome. It's K's favorite and she was dancing in her seat and singing all the words, and I'm so proud of my newest krisbert lol :D
-Maybe was GORGEOUS. It was so heartfelt and beautiful.
-AWM was so much fun. I LOVED having that experience where everyone was into it and singing the "yeah yeah" part. It WAS way better with a crowd of people who actually know the band I'm going to see. At the LA show, barely anyone sang along and SD was just a whole different, way better experience.
-Paranoid Android. I just, I think everybody already knows how much I love PA. Amazing as always.
-OMG IIO. LOLOLOL HE WENT TO PEE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG. And he runs to the bathroom and everyone is cheering and just LMAOOO. And okay, so this is K's concert and I wondering know if she thinks this is a regular occurrence at concerts or something. but lol peeing. It was such a Kris thing to do XD And then he came back and talked about how he rather have done that than peed on himself because it would have been on YouTube. And that if we thought he was dancing and really getting into the song before, no, it was just because he had to pee. God, I love him. He's adorable lol. (I also wondered whether he bothered to wash his hands, because he didn't take very long in the bathroom lol)
-And sometime during this, I don't remember when, he introduced ET and had this cute little banter thing where he asked ET questions and then pretended to listen to ET and replayed ET's answers for us, most of which made no sense. and my friend was soooooo confused haha it was hilarious to watch to her face.
-He also sang people happy birthday! and then like, 10 people said it was their birthday lol
-He also said "I love you" means more coming from a guy lol what. and later he said his belt was falling off and people cheered haha. then he said not to cheer because it was a cheap three dollar belt from thailand
-During LLWD he said people could come up and dance, so when we saw a group of people come to the front of the stage, we did the same. I was pretty much second row and I watched the rest of the show from there and it pretty much made my night. I danced to LLWD and once again, the sing a long was sooo good and everyone knew the words and just all around amazing audience participation/amazing experience. (I know a lot of people hate crowds but the whole crowd thing and everyone being so into it is pretty much one of favorite things about concerts.)

After this he left and everyone was pretty much like ... WHAT. I THOUGHT YOU ALWAYS ENDED IN COME TOGETHER?? NOOOO COME BACK. And he did! \o/ He came out alone and then played To Make You Feel My Love.

OKAY CONFESSION TIME: I have actually never seen Kris play TMYFML, even online. Oddly enough, I kind of became a Kris stan because of his album Brand New Shoes (which I still don't remember why I ended up downloading it to begin with) and not really American Idol. So... I've actually never watched like half of his idol performances. /bad stan

But it was gorgeous, really. And then he played Falling Slowly/With or Without You and I wanted to cry or something, idek. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT MASHUP. Seeing the Manila version blew me away and ever since then I have wanted to see that in person. And it lived up to all my expectations. It was so beautiful and gorgeous and he was so into it and closing his eyes. His voice was yearning and he sounded so good and I pretty much died right there. I'd actually forgotten about that song for a while but now it's once again one of my favorite covers of his. But just like watching his face and being so close and... I don't know. It was just one of my favorite things ever.

So finally, he ended with Come Together, which is such a great closer song. It was so much fun and I started dancing again after standing still during the two slow songs. And Kris started shaking people's hands from the stage and he shook mine lol. And then he got off the stage and went around and gave people high fives and handshakes lol. (And okay he is tiny! I lost track of him every time he left the stage. But that also might be because I'm short too lol).

And then he finished and I was blown away and *dead.*

Afterwards, they let us get into a line and meet Kris \o/ Can I just say it was so much better meeting him inside where I can actually see his face instead of outside in the dark where I could barely make out his silhouette? lol (and where not everyone is fighting for his attention because it was actually somewhat organized this time) Anyway though, he signed a poster I bought and I took a picture with him. Then we hugged and I told him I had a great time and I thought he would say "I'm glad" or something but then he said "Thank you" and yeah, my attempt to make him say something other thanks has failed. lol. bad attempt on my part though. But he was super cute and yeah, I'm not super shocked about his tininess because I tend to think of normal height people as super tall and short people as normal just because I'm so short lol. But it was the first time I hugged a male musician with my arms around his neck instead of my arms below his arms because it was the first time I could actually reach haha. But yeah, our heads were pretty close height-wise which must mean he's pretty small. Aww but anyway, he was super cute/adorable in person. ♥

(also my friend ALMOST asked Kris to sign a band aid because she didn't have any paper but she had band aids for the blisters on her feet lol. but then she found a piece of paper on some table and I didn't get to see the look on Kris's face when someone asked him to sign a bandaid :( lol)

But yeah, San Diego was pretty much epic for me.

moonlightheaven [userpic]

All In One Kris Post

July 23rd, 2010 (12:29 am)

First of all, thank you so much to that *someone* who bought me a paid account!!! Second time!! :DDD I love you, you don't even know.<333

Second of all, I got a fandom twitter to talk to all my Kradio benches! It's @onthepalisades. I will eventually PM all of you who wanted it if you don't see this post.

Okay, finally, the good part. I got to see Kris for the first time ever on Thursday!! Recap:

I got there and went to the box office but apparently my name wasn't on the guest list even though they told me it would be (I won tickets from BNL's twitter contest and they DMed me). :| Fail BNL, fail. Eventually they gave us tickets though, but we got the crappiest seats. (So I don't have any media, sorry, but I took one pic and Kris was a speck in it so I didn't bother to take any more. BUT HE WAS SO HOT. black jeans, white t, and a vest. ...I feel like half the lead singers I meet have worn this outfit when I saw them. IDK.)

So after we get our tickets, we start walking to the venue and the first person we come across is Andrew!! And then I internally freaked out and was about to say hi but he walked passed us and then it was too late and just... *facepalm* Too slow. (It's okay, I meet him later.)

[Side note: I just told my brother I got a pic with Kris. He is now making fun of me. What.]

Okay so we get to our seats, and my friend and I are sitting next to these college guys (one looked like an uglier version of Chris Pine if Chris Pine has glasses and a mustache. idek.) And so at first, I thought they were gonna be total douches. They were talking really loudly/obnoxiously about how they got their tickets for free and they would never be here if they actually had to pay money. And then they kept talking about me even though I was right there :| It wasn't anything bad, but it was still awkward. They only heard of BNL too. And they were providing commentary on everything and mocking everything (including Angel Taylor, the other opening act). So I was bracing myself for when Kris went on but they were totally into it.

So anyway, Kris came on and started out with CSA and I may officially be #TeamCSA! Maybe. But he was so energetic and bouncy and he sounded amazing. I was dancing in my seat and singing along and everything. And the college guys next to me were bouncing around in their seats and drumming on their thighs and drumming on the seats in front of him and waving their arms around. (They kept talking about how crazy good the drummer was lol) And then when Kris did Heartless and then transitioned to Gangsta's Paradise, they freaked out and were cheering and everything. It was so cute to watch lol. (Except they were definitely not into AWM lol).

So Kris did his set, and he sounded soo good. I loved it. He was all tiny and bouncy. And he told this story about how he flipped a coin on whether he should do Paranoid Android or not and the coin toss said he shouldn't but he was going to do it anyway. And I screamed lol. SHAKING AND CRYING. Because I LOVE paranoid android. It was soo good. I loved it--definitely one of my favorites. And Andrew rocked his guitar solo. And I stood during LLWD along with like ... 5 other people lol and I danced/clapped/cheered so that was a lot of fun. :) Basically, it was awesome.<3

So after his set, we went to the merch table to wait for Kris and we were there for an hour lol. First we saw Andrew. Yay another chance! So I called his name but he didn't hear me (I have a soft voice and no one ever hears me in a crowd *sadface*) Finally, the third time I saw him walk by, I got a pic with him. (Does he have a girlfriend by any chance? Because he came out with this girl and she definitely wasn't a fan and they were walking together the whole time). Then I saw Ryland and got a pic with him!

(Side story: So in middle school I had this two month ska phase and listened to Reel Big Fish all the time because they were my former best friend's favorite band. Plus the band was formed at my high school! So I wanted to tell him I loved RBF but then I couldn't remember which member of Kris's band was in RBF--I never looked up their picture. Fail on my part. I totally knew it was Ryland but it just completely slipped my mind while I was there. I plan to do this in San Diego, though.)

So then we wait for an hour or so and then FINALLY Kris comes out! And he's so cute/adorable in person.<3 Shocking news: I never had a "omg he's so tiny!!" moment. lol. It's probably because I'm only 5 feet tall to begin with and a lot of my guy friends are super short and skinny(they're asian lol) too so I pretty much just went "Oh. He is kinda short/small." He's still tall compared to me though lol. (Maybe because he was in a crowd of girls and a couple guys shorter than him? It probably would have been a different story if he was standing next to Cale or Andrew or some regular height guys lol.)

So I got a picture with Kris. \o/ So after we took a pic I was like "Kris!" ...and then realized I never know what to say to famous people. XD So I just told him that he played great tonight and that I was really glad he played Paranoid Android even though the coin toss told him not too because I love that song. He said thanks like 3 times lol. He was super sweet/gracious. I seriously never know what to say to celebrities though! Sometimes I try to start a conversation that involves them saying something other than "thanks" but it never works. :(

Also, while I was talking to him, I kept thinking, oddly enough, about this recap I read once and that there was this whole paragraph about how Kris had really good eye contact. But the whole time I was talking to him/asking for a pic, his head was down and he was looking at the ground and he wasn't signing anything) and it was kind of weird, to be honest. lol. IDK. He was still really cute and sweet though.

Then I saw Katy. I kind of ignored her though so I don't really have anything to say about her. Except there were these two women who kept yelling at her and telling her she was gorgeous or something. IDK. I thought it was kinda weird (she was two feet away, why are you yelling?), but whatever. I also saw who I THINK might be j_tak (who I recognized from the AWM video) and April. Which, you know, made me feel like a total creeper. After seeing Kris, I saw Cale and I was going to talk to him but my friend was cold and she didn't have a jacket and we'd been standing there for so long so we just went back in to see the rest of BNL's set. (There was stacked parking so I wouldn't have been able to get my car out anyway). They were... okay. I didn't really like them. But the BNL sing a long was so much better/louder than Kris's lol. Plus there were soooo many more people there that weren't there for Angel/Kris. It was obviously a BNL crowd.

Basically, Kris was awesome live.<33 But I'm still really excited to see him in San Diego since the crowd will actually be there for him which always makes for a better concert experience from my past experiences. But I had a lot of fun in LA too!<3

(Also apparently DCook was there? I didn't see him :()

moonlightheaven [userpic]

to the anonymous gifter

December 23rd, 2009 (08:56 pm)

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the person who gifted me a paid account. THANK YOU SO MUCH.<3 It means a lot, especially since I've always pretty much been a lurker up until a month or so ago, so I"m not internet ~popular or whatever. So that's really sweet, thank you. Happy Holidays!!

moonlightheaven [userpic]

(no subject)

June 23rd, 2009 (04:32 pm)


After reading this article, I am so fcking exited for my bb's album.<3

moonlightheaven [userpic]

(no subject)

June 26th, 2008 (11:58 pm)

Hollister Co Video #1

moonlightheaven [userpic]

10_Lyricons Fai D. Flowright Claim

November 10th, 2006 (01:16 pm)

Artist: Moonlightheaven
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Character: Fai D. Flowright
Number of Icons: 10/10
Credits: Pictures from Tsubsachronicle.net
Lyrics: Sky Blue by Peter Gabriel

lost my place, lost my time...Collapse )

Please comment and credit moonlightheaven if you take any!

moonlightheaven [userpic]

10_Lyricons Ouran Claim

October 29th, 2006 (10:45 am)

Artist: moonlightheaven
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Characters: Tamaki Suoh and Kyouya Ootori
Number of Icons: 10/10
Credits: Screenshots from Youtube
Lyrics: How To Save A Life by The Fray

If you take any, please credit moonlightheaven!

Step one you say we need to talk...Collapse )

moonlightheaven [userpic]

6 Fai Icons

September 26th, 2006 (05:34 pm)

Six Fai D. Flowright icons under the cut.

No where to go...Collapse )

Remember to Credit! And please leave a comment if your going to use one. :)

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