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moonlightheaven [userpic]

All In One Kris Post

July 23rd, 2010 (12:29 am)

First of all, thank you so much to that *someone* who bought me a paid account!!! Second time!! :DDD I love you, you don't even know.<333

Second of all, I got a fandom twitter to talk to all my Kradio benches! It's @onthepalisades. I will eventually PM all of you who wanted it if you don't see this post.

Okay, finally, the good part. I got to see Kris for the first time ever on Thursday!! Recap:

I got there and went to the box office but apparently my name wasn't on the guest list even though they told me it would be (I won tickets from BNL's twitter contest and they DMed me). :| Fail BNL, fail. Eventually they gave us tickets though, but we got the crappiest seats. (So I don't have any media, sorry, but I took one pic and Kris was a speck in it so I didn't bother to take any more. BUT HE WAS SO HOT. black jeans, white t, and a vest. ...I feel like half the lead singers I meet have worn this outfit when I saw them. IDK.)

So after we get our tickets, we start walking to the venue and the first person we come across is Andrew!! And then I internally freaked out and was about to say hi but he walked passed us and then it was too late and just... *facepalm* Too slow. (It's okay, I meet him later.)

[Side note: I just told my brother I got a pic with Kris. He is now making fun of me. What.]

Okay so we get to our seats, and my friend and I are sitting next to these college guys (one looked like an uglier version of Chris Pine if Chris Pine has glasses and a mustache. idek.) And so at first, I thought they were gonna be total douches. They were talking really loudly/obnoxiously about how they got their tickets for free and they would never be here if they actually had to pay money. And then they kept talking about me even though I was right there :| It wasn't anything bad, but it was still awkward. They only heard of BNL too. And they were providing commentary on everything and mocking everything (including Angel Taylor, the other opening act). So I was bracing myself for when Kris went on but they were totally into it.

So anyway, Kris came on and started out with CSA and I may officially be #TeamCSA! Maybe. But he was so energetic and bouncy and he sounded amazing. I was dancing in my seat and singing along and everything. And the college guys next to me were bouncing around in their seats and drumming on their thighs and drumming on the seats in front of him and waving their arms around. (They kept talking about how crazy good the drummer was lol) And then when Kris did Heartless and then transitioned to Gangsta's Paradise, they freaked out and were cheering and everything. It was so cute to watch lol. (Except they were definitely not into AWM lol).

So Kris did his set, and he sounded soo good. I loved it. He was all tiny and bouncy. And he told this story about how he flipped a coin on whether he should do Paranoid Android or not and the coin toss said he shouldn't but he was going to do it anyway. And I screamed lol. SHAKING AND CRYING. Because I LOVE paranoid android. It was soo good. I loved it--definitely one of my favorites. And Andrew rocked his guitar solo. And I stood during LLWD along with like ... 5 other people lol and I danced/clapped/cheered so that was a lot of fun. :) Basically, it was awesome.<3

So after his set, we went to the merch table to wait for Kris and we were there for an hour lol. First we saw Andrew. Yay another chance! So I called his name but he didn't hear me (I have a soft voice and no one ever hears me in a crowd *sadface*) Finally, the third time I saw him walk by, I got a pic with him. (Does he have a girlfriend by any chance? Because he came out with this girl and she definitely wasn't a fan and they were walking together the whole time). Then I saw Ryland and got a pic with him!

(Side story: So in middle school I had this two month ska phase and listened to Reel Big Fish all the time because they were my former best friend's favorite band. Plus the band was formed at my high school! So I wanted to tell him I loved RBF but then I couldn't remember which member of Kris's band was in RBF--I never looked up their picture. Fail on my part. I totally knew it was Ryland but it just completely slipped my mind while I was there. I plan to do this in San Diego, though.)

So then we wait for an hour or so and then FINALLY Kris comes out! And he's so cute/adorable in person.<3 Shocking news: I never had a "omg he's so tiny!!" moment. lol. It's probably because I'm only 5 feet tall to begin with and a lot of my guy friends are super short and skinny(they're asian lol) too so I pretty much just went "Oh. He is kinda short/small." He's still tall compared to me though lol. (Maybe because he was in a crowd of girls and a couple guys shorter than him? It probably would have been a different story if he was standing next to Cale or Andrew or some regular height guys lol.)

So I got a picture with Kris. \o/ So after we took a pic I was like "Kris!" ...and then realized I never know what to say to famous people. XD So I just told him that he played great tonight and that I was really glad he played Paranoid Android even though the coin toss told him not too because I love that song. He said thanks like 3 times lol. He was super sweet/gracious. I seriously never know what to say to celebrities though! Sometimes I try to start a conversation that involves them saying something other than "thanks" but it never works. :(

Also, while I was talking to him, I kept thinking, oddly enough, about this recap I read once and that there was this whole paragraph about how Kris had really good eye contact. But the whole time I was talking to him/asking for a pic, his head was down and he was looking at the ground and he wasn't signing anything) and it was kind of weird, to be honest. lol. IDK. He was still really cute and sweet though.

Then I saw Katy. I kind of ignored her though so I don't really have anything to say about her. Except there were these two women who kept yelling at her and telling her she was gorgeous or something. IDK. I thought it was kinda weird (she was two feet away, why are you yelling?), but whatever. I also saw who I THINK might be j_tak (who I recognized from the AWM video) and April. Which, you know, made me feel like a total creeper. After seeing Kris, I saw Cale and I was going to talk to him but my friend was cold and she didn't have a jacket and we'd been standing there for so long so we just went back in to see the rest of BNL's set. (There was stacked parking so I wouldn't have been able to get my car out anyway). They were... okay. I didn't really like them. But the BNL sing a long was so much better/louder than Kris's lol. Plus there were soooo many more people there that weren't there for Angel/Kris. It was obviously a BNL crowd.

Basically, Kris was awesome live.<33 But I'm still really excited to see him in San Diego since the crowd will actually be there for him which always makes for a better concert experience from my past experiences. But I had a lot of fun in LA too!<3

(Also apparently DCook was there? I didn't see him :()